Respecting your home like our own.

Your home renovation project deserves the same attention as any larger project. Precision Cutting and Coring specializes in working with homeowners to determine their needs and help with any questions that they may have before and during their project.  If you need a 4.25″ core for a new dryer vent or you need a window or door opening cut out for a new basement suite we have the tools for the job. Should you require slab cutting in your basement for new plumbing trenches we have compact electric basement saws and hand saws specially designed for tight areas such as residential basements. If you prefer to leave the heavy lifting to us we are able to haul all of your concrete away. Please call us to take a look at your residential reno plans for an estimate. Quotes and advice are always free. Cleanliness and attention to detail are our expertise.

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We are happy to provide estimates for your concrete cutting project or answer any questions you may have.