Control Joints

Saw Cutting control joints is an important step any time you pour a concrete slab. By saw cutting control joints as soon as possible after a slab has been placed you minimize the risk of random cracking caused by shrinkage during the curing process. We offer 3 different options to our customers:

Soff Cutting

This option is the preferred method to cut control joints. It is an early entry system that involves dry cutting with a lightweight machine. Depending on temperature and humidity a slab can be cut 1 – 12 hours after it has been placed. Cutting control joints this early after placement allows for relief in the slab prior to shrinkage thus controlling the cracking.

Wet Sawing

This option allows for a more cost-effective way to cut control joints in a new slab. Typically a slab can be wet sawed approximately 12 – 48 hours after it has been placed but may be too late to control random cracking.

Decorative Saw Cutting

Deco cutting adds something special to a concrete slab. Pool decks, driveways, and architectural slabs can be cut with just about any design that is desired. We have the tools and expertise to give your concrete slab the WOW factor.

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