Core Drilling

If you need a 1/2” core drilled with one of our handheld drills or a 42” core drilled with our 25hp high-frequency coring rig we have the bits and the power to turn them. With core bit sizes ranging from 1/2” to 12” diameter on each truck and a huge assortment of larger sizes up to 42” in our shop we always have the common sizes in stock – and also some of the not so common sizes. To ensure safety on your site we are able to provide a second man to act as a safety spotter and core catcher under the slab to prevent any damage or injuries from falling debris while coring. Another safety service we offer is the ability to transpose the exit point of the core to the underside of the slab prior to coring so you know exactly where the core is dropping. This ensures there are no unwanted ducts or pipes in the way and that the exact drop location has been identified below.

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